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Special Projects Site
Cybiko RPG Kit

This Special Projects site follows the progress of the development of the RPG game-making kit for the Cybiko, a new, popular "wireless inter-tainment device". Check for regular updates, as here you will find screenshots, downloads, work logs, and comments regarding this project.

Please visit the Cybiko Connection site for the latest news regarding Cybiko RPG Kit!

The Cybiko RPG Kit and it's associate tools allow users and developers to create their own RPGs (Role-Playing-Games). The diagram to the right briefly describes this process.
The main components of the RPG Kit on the PC are the Map Editor, Item Editor, Character Editor, Script Editor, and RPG Archive Compiler. On the Cybiko the only program file is the RPG Kit Engine, which runs (plays) the games created on the PC.
Games created with the RPG Kit will be publicly availible for free (unless otherwise mentioned), and most follow the typical RPG format; a tile-based game, with a top-down view, where the player must completed certain pre-specified tasks in order to "complete" the game - i.e. to win, to finish the game. Advanced functionality is added through the use of the scripting engine, which allows games to have a level of intelligence.

Specifications / Features
  • Tools: Map Editor, Item Editor, Character Editor, Script Editor, RPG Project Archive Compiler
  • Characters: Full movement ability, 6 types (Player, Follows Player, Walks Randomly, Watches Player, Stands Still, Rotates).
        Movement range, rotation speed, animation images, scripts, all user-specified.
  • Items: Up to 256 different item types, with shortened (interal) names, full names, scripts, big/small images, all user-specified.
  • Scripts: Hundreds of commands, including ifs, gotos, calls, built-in functions, plain-text file format (on PC).
  • Maps: 8x8-pixel tiles, rectangular (non-square) maps supported. Secondary layer support (draw-over-player, transparent flags).
        256 tile types, each cell can have individual tile ids, item (with quantity), character placement ids.
  • RPG Archives: Uses Cybiko archiver to compress. File formats optimised by compiler tool. More info availible upon

    (You can click on any image to see it at full size)

    The first image (top-left) shows the Map Editor, the tool used for defining the properties of maps, the properties of their tiles, and tile, item, and character placement.  The second image (top-right) shows the Item Editor, the tool which is used for creating Item Lists, which store information about the types of inventory that can be collected.  The third image (bottom-left) shows the Script Editor, a simple plain-text editor with an added dictionary of commands to the right. Scripts control the main logic of the game.  The final, fourth image (bottom-right) shows the Character Editor, which is used for defining the properties of characters (the player, and others) in the game. This editor is very likely to be expanded at a later stage, but the basics of the kit will be created first.

    Older screenshots may be found here.

    Technical Information
    RKP (project file) Files Information
    RKM (uncompiled map) Files Information
    RKI (uncompiled item list) Files Information
    RKC (uncompiled character) Files Information
    RKS (uncompiled script) Files Information

    Not Availible Yet

    Work Log
    11th February 2001
  • First version of Cybiko engine nearing completion! 5th February 2001
  • Added Comments section.

    31st January 2001
  • Almost finished Project Compiler. Builds image, string, script, character, and map tables for indexing. Writes string table, compiler id, item list, then archives into .RPG file.
  • I will soon start work on the Cybiko engine.

    29th January 2001
  • Added RKP project file technical information.
  • Started work on Project Compiler.

    24th January 2001
  • Updated RKM technical information file with new fields.
  • Added information / script fields to map editor, updated screenshot.
  • Added Help Wanted section, with contact information.

    23rd January 2001
  • Started work log, uploaded web site.
  • Finished first versions for RKM, RKI, RKC and RKS file formats.

    Help Wanted!
  • Some artwork for the project; this would include:
        Logo for website (Internet .gif format)
        Big logo, for install / splash screens (PC .bmp format)
        Small logo, for about boxes / windows (PC .bmp format)
        Cybiko intro screen logo (Cybiko .pic format)

    If you are interested, contact me at: greenprojects@greenprojects.iwarp.com.

    Unfortunately, at this time, my funds are limited and so the best reward I can offer at this point in time is a mention in the "credits" section. Of course, when the project is done the artist(s) will recieve a full version of the game. If more than one image is submitted for each required, I shall decide which one is to be chosen.

    Comments (via e-mail)
  • "dude, the rpg kit is going to be awesome!!! I totally support you 110% i know that it will be a hit"
  • "This will be so sweet I can't wait! Zelda style RPG's on the cybiko. Once this comes out Game Boy will be a thing of the past for me."
  • "That sounds really cool! I'm sure, like me, ALL cybiko fans will race to use this rpg."
  • "It sounds like you have a really great idea"
  • "...looking for new things and when i read your post i was very impressed"
  • "im looking forward for the RPG creater!"
  • "I am an avid RPG fan, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating the RPG constrution kit for Cybiko. It's like a dream come true."
  • "Saw your Cybiko RPG compiler. Impressive..."
  • "...you are a very talented developer. I saw a couple screen shots and let me say that i am impressed."
    P.S. If you see your comment posted here, but don't want it displayed, please e-mail me.
    P.P.S. Spellings are that of their author!.

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